General Insurance

Driving efficiencies, cost savings and revenue

The general insurance industry faces some of the most significant challenges in its history: rising costs, new and heightened coverage risks, increased regulation, changing demographics, industry consolidation and expensive legacy systems, to name a few. But these challenges are also opportunities and, in the midst of them, CGI's full suite of general insurance services and solutions are helping carriers achieve the following :

  • Quickly bring new products to market
  • Attract and retain loyal customers, brokers and employees
  • Process claims swiftly and accurately
  • Energise the underwriting and rating process
  • Modernise legacy systems
  • Improve processes and workflows
  • Harness data for improved decision-making
  • Integrate multiple sales channels
  • Interconnect with new partners and services
  • Rapidly integrate mergers and acquisitions

General insurance expertise

CGI has been deeply entrenched in the industry for more than 25 years, working extensively on both the transaction and technology sides. We not only understand the business, we can perform virtually any part of a general insurance operation.

Our experts have the credentials, experience and know-how to transform operations, as well as a track record of on time, on budget delivery based on CGI's rigorous project management approach.

Here are just some of the reasons our expertise stands out in the industry:

  • Provider for 7 of the top 10 global insurers
  • Top industry certifications and standards
  • Broad partner network
  • Millions of core business transactions processed annually
  • More than 30 core insurance system implementations
  • Industry-focused solutions, as well as individual carrier solutions
  • Knowledge gained through the custom-build of insurance solutions on leading platforms
  • CGI’s Guidewire experience growing rapidly

General insurance services and solutions

CGI offers services and solutions that cover every aspect of a general insurer's business. Proven to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and drive revenue, our services and solutions include the following :

Note: If you have a business need for one of these offerings in a location not noted, please contact us so that we can adapt the service and solution for your location and needs.

Personal and Commercial Lines services

  • Management and technology advisory and delivery services: CGI offers a full range of management consulting and technology services, including operational strategy development; package selection; third-party system integration; complex program, change and project management; custom application development and application management services; and advanced automated testing solutions.
  • Internet solutions: CGI leverages the latest technologies to create Web and mobile applications that connect your customers across the insurance value chain.
  • Insurance document management services: CGI's iDMS optimises your printing and document environment, significantly reducing costs, improving business performance and managing risk.
  • Enterprise content management: CGI's ECM solutions integrate and streamline processes to make pertinent data more accessible across the enterprise. The results include improved performance, intelligent decisions, greater productivity and reduced risk.

Personal and Commercial Lines solutions

  • Insurance Hosted Pricing (IHP): Through implementation of IHP platforms, intermediary insurers can now underwrite with confidence, write more profitable business, combine direct and indirect strategies. CGI’s IHP360 solution can deliver clients’ ambitions in the present and in the future for IHP. CGI can meet both business and functional requirements but also work in partnership with clients and their partners to deliver a programme and service of this size and criticality.
  • Ratabase®:CGI's Ratabase solution is a comprehensive set of powerful and flexible productivity tools that transform your rating into an extensible strategic core asset by externalising the complex business logic associated with rating, automated underwriting, rate modeling and enterprise incentive management. Ratabase supports the manual creation of rates as well as ISO's Electronic Rating Content in the US.  In 2012, CGI was named an ISO ERC Associate, meaning that CGI has successfully demonstrated our ability to support the consumption and maintenance of ISO content.
  • Insurance business intelligence solution: CGI's out-of-the-box configurable and flexible business intelligence framework tailored specifically for the needs of the insurance industry.
  • Polaris: CGI manage and develop the Polaris ProductWriter and RTE tools that are used for two thirds of all personal lines and commercial quotations performed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. CGI are the acknowledged experts in helping organisations achieve the benefits of using the high performance rating engine and flexible product definition tools. CGI provide consultancy, training, product development, project implementation and hosting of the Polaris tools for insurers, broker software houses and integrators.